Monday, May 10, 2010

Vote For Preserving Graydon

This blog endorses Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh and Thomas M. Riche for Ridgewood Town Council. The election is Tuesday May 11th and the voting booths will be open from 6:00AM to 8:00PM.

There are four reasons to support keeping a sandy bottom at Graydon Pool. These can be summarized based upon Geology, Economics, Aesthetics, and the Law.

1. Geology: Ridgewood is built on a floodplain. Graydon has always been a huge storage area for flood waters. It must be kept free of encroachments that might block flood flows or restrict storage of flood waters. The concrete pool supporters either don't understand, because they haven't lived in Ridgewood long enough to see a flood, or it's something they are hoping they will never live to see.

2. Economics: The current configuration of Graydon is not making enough money to be self-supporting. To believe that a concrete bottom design would make money stretches the realms of credibility. Where are the paying customers going to come from? How high can badge fees be raised in a Recession to support the bonds needed to build a concrete pool?

3. Aesthetics: Graydon is a beautifully designed, tranquil setting in an otherwise bustling little community. Hard to see how the concrete proposal would improve upon this natural oasis that has been enjoyed for generations.

4. Law: While I am not a lawyer I do know that the land on which Graydon sits was willed to the Village of Ridgewood. There will no doubt be a legal challenge to any proposal which tries to change the intent of the original will that Graydon be a park. We might as well save ourselves time and money because both sides on this issue can afford the lawyers to keep this one in the courts for a long time.

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